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About us

Deep marks, traces that tell a story:
offering you the result of a long-standing experience

A story that spans
through time

Our past, our identity

Our story is an ancient one, of the kind that intertwines lives and experiences with the pleasure of working with passion. It is a typically Italian story, linked to the artisan tradition in the field of upholstered leather furniture and fuelled by pride in creating quality products.

We love what we do

Our job is a vital emotion for us, which motivates us to take advantage of the sound structure of our past in order to experiment with innovative solutions and successfully meet the challenges of the modern world.

This is how we treasure the pleasure to imagine, design and create something that was not there before… and that is here now.

Cierre, an all-Italian emotion

A commitment that has lasted for three generation

The Cierre family, keeping up with the times From the 1970s to today, each generation of our family has helped to enrich the company's experience by shaping a dynamic and established company, which is perfectly integrated in the European context of "family businesses" and of "Made in Italy" design.
Romano Conficconi

In 1972, he founded the company with his wife Cesarina and served as its president for several decades before the two brothers alternated. He made the production department grow from a few employees to more than one hundred. He was also one of the first in the industry to have the intuition to incorporate the complete production cycle within the company, from the traditional stages of semi-finished product assembly to processing, starting from unprocessed raw materials.

Stefano Conficconi

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cierre Imbottiti, he has been working in the family business since 1980 and is now fully in charge of the sales department. As head of the modelling and prototyping departments, he designs the company’s main collections himself. He also deals first-hand with the supply of leather, the main raw material used by Cierre.

Alberto Conficconi

He is Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors. Grown up working in the company, he has shared its responsibilities for over 30 years: he is mainly in charge of administrative management and has computerised all of the company’s receivables and payables. He is Head of Communication and Marketing of Cierre. Particularly involved in industry associations, he has held various positions locally in Confindustria (General Confederation of Italian Industry), in Federlegno Arredo and in the field of upholstered furniture at a national level.

Gianmaria Conficconi

He is the first member of the third generation of the family to be involved in the company and, in particular, in the creative department dealing with product planning and design. Highly active in promoting the brand internationally, he is currently export manager for the North American and European markets.

A desire for innovation

To allow our business to grow, we have been working in the only way we know: with passion, great attention to detail and a desire for innovation. Therefore, with the same skills that characterise our approach to manufacturing Cierre upholstered furniture.

Our workshop is our home

Unbridled imagination

As in the best tradition, the workshop is the natural place in which craftsmanship and design come together, inextricably linking production and design. And this is where we express our creativity to its full potential.

A place to design the future

The company, which has grown in numbers and space, now has 130 artisans e 12,000 square metres of space, yet the spirit of a workshop remains strong. We are all unique and irreplaceable guardians of the future.

Unlimited freedom of imagination

Thanks to our strong past and constantly focusing on researching new styles, we manufacture upholstered furniture and enjoy ourselves while imagining the future and reinventing new applications for antique materials.

Attention to detail

Each Cierre product clearly expresses our philosophy. The extremely high attention to detail shows our ability in manufacturing quality products in all aspects, even those that are generally overlooked.

A connection with our local area

In harmony with the ecosystem

We pay great attention to the environment, as well as to our products and the people who make them.

In 2011 we chose to halve the consumption of electricity produced from non-renewable sources. To do this, we installed a 6,000-square metre photovoltaic system, which allows us to reduce emissions by 50%.










Cierre Imbottiti Srl
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47122 Villa Selva, Forlì (FC), Italy T. (+39) 0543 785911
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