Risults per world

Exclusive and contract collections

We create unique and exclusive collections for leading furniture and luxury brands, focusing on the style and quality that have always set us apart.
We also cooperate directly with architectural studios for the custom development of specific contracts.

The importance of details

Bespoke items

We know how important it is to show ourselves as we are. We therefore decided to expand our production with bespoke items tailored to contract or fashion brand needs. To meet all style and design requirements, we design and manufacture individual products or entire lines that are able to meet virtually any need.

Design originale ed esclusivo

A single goal: fulfilling wishes

We deliver worldwide to multiple sectors. We are also stubborn, a feature that allows our company to meet the demands of different customers. We have an extensive portfolio and have been cooperating for years with major brands in creating their collections. We also work with architectural firms for residential and hotel contracts and much more.

Unlimited creativity

We love dealing with large-scale projects commissioned by leading companies and gladly cooperate with architectural firms.
We approach every new project as a wonderful adventure, always fuelled by passion and guided by attention to customer needs.

The soul of a product lies in its design

Projects that become reality

The company’s in-house design studio guarantees the quality of our work. In fact, product design is studied in detail and careful attention is then paid to items during manufacturing.
This is why our design team and production system work in sync: to create product lines in the shortest time possible, while constantly ensuring the highest quality standards.

A distinctive style: yours

Not all furniture fits any context, as we well know. This is why we have decided to carefully listen to our customers’ needs and design solutions based on their requirements. In this way, we can guarantee the same quality standards of our collections and offer prodotti original, unique and inimitable products.


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