Risults per world


By paying close attention to the surrounding environment, we have turned style trends into Cierre’s unique and original design.

As a result, the suggestions deriving from elements, environments and eras are freely expressed in our creations.


the sky is eternal
the land is everlasting
the sea is immense...

“In the beginning, when everything is still, a small drop colours what will become a drawing, a thought, an idea. (…) Reality is submerged in a deforming liquid, which enhances its shapes and volumes but, at the same time, what is born from it is pure synthesis." A symbol of purity and transparency, water inspires the creative concept of some of the Cierre products. The lights, colours and design are the protagonists of liquid scenes, which seem to carry us into a sea of elegance.

Anni 70

Any sound thought
can reflect blissful spaces

The artistic and creative scene of the 1970s was deeply affected by new music. Electronic instruments overturned the rules and imposed a new style of writing. The revolution that has taken place in the last few years is widespread and crosses borders, influencing different creative approaches. Inspired by this concept, Cierre proposes a new design with a pop-chic influence.


vague moonlight
even inadequate faces
ought to be loved

The Cierre design has embraced the Japanese style, with clear-cut lines and delicate volumes that define the character of an explicitly essential trend.

Intense and effective as a Japanese haiku, the creativity of this collection is inspired by the very short poetical works that turn the magic of nature into an idea and emotions into living poetry.

Palazzo Re Enzo

History and beauty.
Passion and skills.

When taste is not linked to the passing of time, it is easy to spot elegant combinations of different styles. This is what happens also in Bologna, at Palazzo Re Enzo, where several creative ideas combine a desire for innovation with respect for tradition. The same stylistic feature characterises the Cierre design, which is the result of ancient craftsmanship and modern research. Palazzo Re Enzo is the ideal setting for our products, which, today, are still created with the same passion and skill to express both history and beauty.

Teatro Masini

"So, shall we go?”
“Let's go.”
They don't move

There is a fine line between dream and reality. Treading the boards as real actors, the Cierre sofas trace the line of an invisible and charming limit. As mimes, the models become an integral part of the works to which they are associated, set up in the charming setting of Teatro Masini in Faenza.
The model Pascal awaits Godot along with Estragon and Vladimir.

The Norman is among the Six Characters in search of an author.
The Portese enters the visions of Don Quixote.
Therefore, sofa after sofa, work after work, the art of theatre meets the art of design.


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