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2016 - Design Stefano Conficconi

_contemporary rigour

Simple and modern, Crystal is a bed with a fresh and contemporary design. The clear-cut, regular lines are enhanced by the rectangular headboard, embellished only by stitching, which allows the headboard to lowered.
The minimalist rigour is compensated by the addition of elegant details, guaranteed thanks to excellent tailoring skills. Thus, the frame is elegantly raised from the floor and the mattress rests on an original, trapezoid-shaped structure.


2_expanded polyurethane foam filling in different densities ranging from 25 to 100 kg/m3. 2 kinds of foams
3_acrylic fiber layers
4_solid beech slatted frame for mattress
5_iron frame
6_elastic belts
7_black painted iron frame

The headboard is provided with flexible mechanisms
to be adjusted so as to get the highest comfort



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