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We work with skill and care, making the most of the teachings of our tradition of craftsmanship to meet the demands of the modern world

Quality that can be
felt with every touch

Our senses are ready to offer you the best

AWe love seeing a Cierre product being born, which is why we carefully follow all of its stages, making sure that everything is running at its best. We do this by making the most of our expertise in the most practical way: with alert eyes and skilled hands to recognise the quality of materials, then perfecting them with our touch.

The material we use
to allow you to relax

The best leather upholstery

We give shape to our thoughts by using rawhide that is directly selected by us in international markets, which we then process with the aid of our irreplaceable partners: our trusted tanneries, which guarantee high-quality materials.

Research and attention to detail

The leather we choose meets the highest quality standards. We are never satisfied, since only by using excellent raw materials can we create high-quality furniture.

The soul of the company

The “handmade” world

Since we first started, technology has given a great boost to production. But, at our company, you can still feel the atmosphere of a workshop. This is the only way we can offer our customers quality products that retain all the virtues of items packed by hand.

A constantly evolving company

A company can be expanded, or we can grow with it. At Cierre, we have always chosen the second strategy, and this is how the people who work with us have become the soul of our company. Grown within our workshop, these people represent the present and future of “Made in Italy” production.


Cierre Imbottiti Srl
Via Giovanni Ansaldo, 2
47122 Villa Selva, Forlì (FC), Italy T. (+39) 0543 785911
F. (+39) 0543 782493
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